Paula Khoo’s bail extended!!

Since candlelight vigil atendees in PJ and Ampang were not charged, I humbly appeal to the authorities to let Paula free immediately so that she can celebrate the Chinese New Year with her family in peace.

Please have some compassion for a fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

FULL UPDATE ON STATUS HERE. Report below from ‘Malaysia For All’ blog.

A small group of concerned citizens in support of Paula Khoo were at the Pattani Road Police Station around 8 am this morning.

Paula Khoo who was arrested on the 15th Nov for attending an Anti-ISA vigil and released on bail that night, was asked to report back today.

The group of around 15 people were not allowed inside the police compound, and were asked to wait outside.

Paula Khoo who arrived at around 8:25am was having a little problem herself trying to enter the police station, although she was asked to report back. Her son was denied entry while her husband and lawyers had some difficulty accompanying Paula into the station.

Half an hour later, Paula and her lawyers came out. Her bail was extended and told to report back on the 28th Jan 2009 (third day of Chinese New Year!!!)


One Response to Paula Khoo’s bail extended!!

  1. Hi BangMalaysia,

    Thanks for this post. Sorry my response is rather late…How did you get the info despite not being there? Wah – sleuth at work 🙂

    But seriously, thanks for the kindness and the solidarity.

    I really appreciate this.
    In solidarity with you always, my dear. BTW Happy Anniversary.


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