Malaysia Turning into a Zimbabwe!

Dr. Azly Rahman

Reading the state of Perak politics within the last week or so, I cannot help but conclude that Malaysians are at a critical stage in which a major overhaul of culture and consciousness need to be made through political will.

Indeed there are levels of complexity to the search for the cure for this last stages of cancer in Malaysian politics. But like in the new Star Trek, nations need to reconstruct themselves by first abandoning totally old structures that have become cancerous in themselves. The story of vote-buying and the amount of money allegedly involved in Perak politics is mind-boggling. Absurd and shameful.

I ask this question: if it is getting this corrupted, should Malays abandon their race-based political parties to avoid the cancer from spreading into their spiritual self?

Wake up people… this country is evolving into a Zimbabwe!

Cast off your old garment are replace the with the new. But first, most importantly purify the self within and create a new political-economic structure that will support and nurture such purity. Let virtue and ethics rule. Let fear be instilled in the heart of the corrupt.


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