What You Can Do

By R. Shan (Human Being) 

Here you have a good list of things that each individual can contribute in their own ways for a permanent social revolution against UMNO for its banality and mercenary aspirations against humanity and fairness for all in Malaysia.

This, as suggested by Batsman
written by batsman, December 03, 2008 16:16:13
Raise funds for MT and Petralite activities
Act as conduit / distribution channel for merchandise
Act as look outs / early warning system / communication system
Take photos, videos, audios / act as people’s reporters
Write articles or make U-tube / DVD documentaries
Act as lobby group, organize boycotts
Conduct lectures on rights of citizens, legal matters, election rules, constitution…
Promote activism around the social justice theme
Train activists / “moderators” / commentators
Promote racial unity and non-violence
Organise self-help / support groups / gotong royong / welfare
Organise reading clubs / discussion groups
Provide assistance to friendly NGOs (eg GMI) if needed
Training on issues related to activism eg self-protection, SOPs, what to do in case of …..
Raise and train volunteers during elections
Train speakers and supporting technical, organizing workers
Organise your neighbourhood to promote and support MT
Boost morale & discipline
Act as information / advice / counselling centre
Build libraries / databases on relevant topics
Interact with other Petralite groups for mutually beneficial / supporting exchanges.
Identify, select and recruit more Petralites

As individuals it is difficult to do most of the above. As an organized group it is possible. It is really up to your creativity and energy.

We individually should in a collective manner create a social revolution as opposed to purely hoping for a political revolution to reorganize the socio-development and the entire structure of the society. This can only happen if we are concerned with social development rather than being caught up with political development. Politicians will be politicians forever whether BN or the opposition. No political development can evolve if we the people can create the social revolution within ourselves collectively by acting together to put the pressure on the archaic system that prevails.

What we have today is a clash of civilization; your parents and my parents were for economical revolution but for you and I today, it is a social and ideological revolution whereby a hegemony is created based on our social factors ie growing up in a multicultural environment as opposed to our economical factors and that is why it is a social revolution.

The social revolution that we seek in a galvanized collective action across diverse societies in order to combat political, immoral and inhumane activities to overcome cultural and social barriers to reduce the polarization between societies which differ in religious and cultural values as we the new generation grew and lived with all multicultural society in Malaysia.

What we have today for the systems, rule of law and everything that we adhere are a moral human hypocrisy and hazard for the political system that serves the few.

So let’s ignite the social revolution in us and email me at jakunmalaysia@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please don’t advise, patronize or preach to me or state what is right and wrong; just tell me that you are able, ready and willing to participate and act and we can move forward with our social revolution as opposed to the glossary of your armchair critiques. It is high time because there is only so much such as the selfless souls like HINDRAF, RPK can do to revolutionize our social revolution but our own inaction and inability to understand their struggle poses a hindrance to them. Let’s give them a break and take it upon ourselves to collectively act, really act, besides brooding in our platforms for the cause that they fight for us.     
R.Shan (Human Being)


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