Hilmi Malek Incommunicado in Indonesia??

The writer of  this blog has given up on the disgusting and despicable ‘gutter politics’ being played in Malaysia these days. The disappearances of alleged insidious and sinister conspirators in the gutter politics cannot be coincidental. First there was Bala, then Saiful followed by Hee Yit Fong and now Hilmi Malek. Were their disappearances pre-arranged so that they will not testify? And were they paid-off millions of ringgit to do the dirty work?  

This blog will stop posting articles for awhile as a sign of protest of the sick moral decay that is destroying the very fabric of justice and righteousness . This blog also mourns for the DEATH OF DEMOCRACY in the country!!

By Adib Zalkapli
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 — Close friends of Hilmi Malek, said to be the ex-boyfriend of Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong remain shocked at the turn of events and are hoping he will step forward to tell his side of the story.
“We do not know anything about the pictures.
They last spoke to him on Saturday, and have been trying to contact Hilmi who is believed to be in Indonesia since Monday (three days ago).

The friends were also disturbed with reports on his personality.



“The story that portrays him as an abusive person referring to a report in a Chinese daily accusing Hilmi of physically abusing the Bukit Lanjan assemblyman.

The 32 year old was an aide to PKR MP Hee Loy Sian for nine months before he quit the job in January.

Yesterday the police said they wanted to record a statement from Hilmi and have urged him to come forward to assist in investigations.

Meanwhile Wong who has offered her resignation from all positions in the state today said she has left the country “to search for peace of mind to get away from the stormy events surrounding me”.

In a statement today she claimed that she has been informed that more sensational stories of her private life would be published.

“I have also been told there will be a fresh assault, with more photographs and videos released and circulated in order to completely degrade and bury me,” said Wong.

“This is the darkest episode in my life. I have never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated,” she added.

 According to KL Police Chief,

“We are now trying to track down Wong’s ex-boyfriend who may be able to shed light into the case, but is believed to be in hiding in Indonesia.

“We urge him to come forward. If he refuses to cooperate, we may have to find him with the help of Interpol,” he said.

It is believed that the ex-boyfriend, known as Hilmi, did not leave the country via the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Instead, he had boarded a ship from Kukup in Pontian, Johor while Elizabeth left the country yesterday through KLIA.

On the ongoing investigations, the police chief said Wong’s photographs were recorded by someone known to her, adding that the police were trying to determine if it was done to sabotage her.

Now why would this fucktard board a ship in Kukup, Pontian to go to Indonesia believed to be 10 days ago i.e. 3 days before Malay Mail received the photographs? Suspicious, isn’t it??





2 Responses to Hilmi Malek Incommunicado in Indonesia??

  1. Anthony Bird says:

    Your silence will achieve nothing – silence rarely achieves anything other than confusion and mistrust.Words are needed to inform and clarify the true situation -your words will achieve this rather than the lies and half truths of the MSM.
    Please continue to post the facts as you see them -your opinions are valued by truth seekers and your silent protest will deny them access to the true situation no matter how vile you may perceive the situation to be.

  2. Jazebelle says:

    So what she went out with this jerk? How many of us can say we didnt in our lives meet ‘bad people”.Be that it may , we should move one.She has a lot to do for malaysia and malaysians.If anything good may have come out of this -its the character of the creature that the electorate are dealing with.The Barisan Nasional will do everything to remain in power.I can only describe this government as one that has captured all institutions in Malaysia that safeguard fundemental liberties includingt the right to privacy.The fact that the Sharia court has not arrested him nor the Police shows that where we are in this illiberal democracy.Stay focused Malaysia and fight the rot with change -we can!!

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