CSI Rakyat 1 – Was Teoh Beng Hock killed and made to appear like he jumped out of the window?

This is the nagging question asked by many Malaysians and posed by RPK in his posting yesterday.

Was Teoh Beng Hock killed upstairs and then his body placed downstairs to make it appear like he jumped out of the window? Look at the two pictures below and see the difference. Judging by the photo of Tan Kian Chong, it appears like Teoh did not really fall but his body was placed there after he died.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

1.   Student Tan Kian Chong was found dead at the bottom of Apartmen Vista Angkasa in Kampung Kerinchi yesterday, suspected of falling down 16 floors. See the ‘mess’. And eyewitnesses said they heard an ‘explosion’ when his body hit the ground while his blood was splattered right up to the second floor of the building.

2.   See how ‘clean’ Teoh’s death is.

3.   Also see that his legs (particularly his left leg) are almost perpendicular (90 Degrees) to his body and looked stiff.

4.   Right fist appears clenched.

5.   Right leg might be fractured.


After reading all the comments that followed RPK’s posting, one reader’s comment (Jason) caught my eye as it’s very plausible as to what happened. Some points are quite speculative though and doesn’t explain the absence of a loud thud or small explosion. Since the Plaza Masalam is a very busy and noisy area, perhaps the sound went unnoticeable.

His comments are published below:

written by jason, July 29, 2009 23:44:42

Beng Hock was alive at 6am and was killed at 8.30-9.00am (confirmed by PDRM report). Body was discovered around 1.30pm. The lapse of 5 hours was probably because there were panic consultations  as to what to do. Things have to be organized and synchronized  to make it look like suicide.

I believe Beng Hock was dead before being dumped out of the window at around 1.30pm. Remember  the timber door was closed for almost 20 minutes. That would most likely the time they dumped his body out.  He hit the ground but there were no blood splatter because his blood would most likely have coagulated within the 5 hours period. That’s why we can see very minimum blood flowing out. Rigor mortis sets in around 3 hours after death which means Beng Hock’s body was stiff when he hit the ground. Which would again explain why his body looks relatively cleaner than student Tan.

rigor mortis:one of the recognizable signs of death (Latin mors, mortis) that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff (Latin rigor) and difficult to move or manipulate.

Disclaimer: The above writing is based on assessment of various images and writings on the mainstream media (MSM) as well as the online media. Readers can expect some gross margin of error in the findings/conclusions as we are not professional forensic pathologists and we do NOT have any access to real evidence/reports. Do let me know what the errors are so that we can come to a clear conclusion on what transpired. Readers are encouraged to give their views/opinion on CSI Rakyat so that we can understand the tragedy better and let the truth be told.


2 Responses to CSI Rakyat 1 – Was Teoh Beng Hock killed and made to appear like he jumped out of the window?

  1. Vg says:

    MACC officers requested TBH to come back the next morning with the documents required, if TBH had been released at 3.45am, and if he did not come back the next morning, the MACC officers should had called him or went to their office since they were so anxious about the case, why they did not call and even TBH’s boss did not know about his death till 4pm? Because they already knew that THB had died in that morning.

  2. nasriyah says:

    why did our police so slow doing all investigation on murder cases.I have watch teoh’s was hit in that roon on you tube ..why don’t police act like a respectful team..it’s a shame for me being one who isbelieve in this police organisation.I heve heard also they are the puppet who clear up polotician mess..i don’t know wheater i and my generation will be safe in our one malaysia country.my own country that full of hipocracy.

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