CSI Rakyat 5 – Was Teoh Beng Hock already dead or unconcious before the fall?

1.   After reading most of the articles and reports on the death of Teoh, I think there are two things  that cannot be disputed. They are:

i)   Teoh was still in the custody of MACC at the time of his death; and

ii)   Teoh Beng Hock DID NOT commit suicide.


Pic 1. Teoh with MACC officers

2.   I don’t think I will go over the reasons again as the evidences are all too clear particulary about Teoh being in custody. The claim that he was released at 3.45 am is simply a BLATANT LIE! He was NEVER released at the said time as his hand phone and other belongings was still in a locker at the MACC HQ till the next day when police confiscated it. This has been confirmed by the Selangor CPO.

teoh at maccPic 2. Teoh with MACC officers…walking into the Valley of Death?

3.  As Dr. Rafick puts it, the issue now is how was his condition when he left the building? Was he dead, unconscious or alive? The possibilities are:

a)  He either died during interrogation and was thrown out of the window;

b)  He was pushed out of the window while still alive/unconcious; or

c)  He died during the gruelling interrogation and his body was carried down and placed on the fifth floor.

4.   Recently there was another interesting observation and assesment by YB Dr. Lee Boon Chye, a UK trained heart specialist.  The Suara Keadilan current issue — Frontpage ran a story on “Teoh Beng Hock — dead before the fall?” which among others, quoted MP Dr Lee Boon Chye as saying that the signs of the body position, injuries etc are not consistent with “suicide”. In cases of suicide, the victim normally would outstretch his/her hands (spontaneously on reflex) so the “side-inclined position” and injuries suffered by Teoh on the 5th level balcony at Plaza Massalam ruled out a suicide.

6c1bfa220589f4ddb2a566e8d8cde12aPic 3. Teoh…found inclined to his RIGHT with NO Blood Splatters

5.   Dr. Lee added that Teoh could have already been dead or unconcious before he was thrown out as he suffered serious injuries on only one side, namely his right shoulders, pelvic region and right leg.


Disclaimer: The above writing is based on assessment of various images and writings on the mainstream media (MSM) as well as the online media. Readers can expect some gross margin of error in the findings/conclusions as we are not professional forensic pathologists and we do NOT have any access to real evidence/reports. Do let me know what the errors are so that we can come to a clear conclusion on what transpired. Readers are encouraged to give their views/opinion on CSI Rakyat so that we can understand the tragedy better and let the truth be told.


One Response to CSI Rakyat 5 – Was Teoh Beng Hock already dead or unconcious before the fall?

  1. Mat Setia says:

    Teoh Boon Hock Death put a very very dark cloud over the whole system of Malaysia.
    Those responsible for his death must be brought to justice.
    The MACC & Polis
    (there have been over One Thousand Deaths in Police Custody -Are the Police trying to help Malaysia claim the title ‘Malaysia-the World’s Capital of Death in Police Custody ‘)
    must not be the political tool of any Government be it Barisan or Pakatan.
    YAB PM Najib Tun Razak & YB Mentri Hishammuddin must ACT NOW to STOP the Torture & Killings of people in Police Custody !
    All interrogation rooms must have CCTV cameras and a new procedures must be put in place to ensure that Officers act fairly & professionally at all times.
    The terrible events happen and will happen if we the RAKYAT allow it to and do nothing,say nothing.
    The few in the Polis & MACC are spoiling the image of Malaysia ,the Institutions & Government.

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