Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 3)

By Eyes Wide Open from Hartal MSM Blog

(continued from part 2)

I seriously doubt that JMD’s a material witness as this kind of revelations could jeopardise any investigations and as such he will be held for obstruction of justice. So logically, his statements should be regarded as either second hand gossip or pure fabrication. In which case, everyone should just dismiss his postulations outright. But if you still believe what JMD has to say, please contact me. I have recently come into possession of a 50,000 sq ft Bali resort-themed mansion located in prime Shah Alam neighbourhood that I’m willing to sell cheap at RM3.2mil. It’s a steal as land value alone is almost RM3mil, at the market rate of about RM55 psf.! I require a 50% deposit by cash in an unmarked package to be dropped off at a place I shall disclose later.

Since the DAP played racial card and showed their racist sentiments towards the Malays and accusing the MACC as the murderer of Teoh Beng Hock, it is naturally logical for any level headed people to admit that any persons seen last with the victim should automatically be a suspect. But that’s just me. Perhaps I saw too much CSI series.

JMD, is it poor English on your part or are you deliberately just tossing in controversial words to inflame sentiments? Your sentence beginning with “since” suggested a cause, therefore it should follow that you would highlight an effect later in the sentence. The “cause” you highlighted is DAP’s alleged racism yet the “effect” had nothing to do with the reaction to their alleged racism. Instead you went off on a completely different tangent with no bearing whatsoever to the first statement!

But your iompeccable writing style proves that you’re no slouch in language. Which leads to the only other logical conclusion – you are merely trying to inflame racial sentiments.

And yes, you certainly did watch too much CSI. Perhaps you would also like us to believe that in Malaysia, like in CSI, murder cases can be solved in a day, evidence can be examined with Virtual Reality computers, citizens’ rights are respected and internal investigations actually catch the culprit!

Barely a day after TBH passed away, the DAP wasted no time in finger pointing who the killer is

Well, TBH went to the MACC office alive, and he never left the office. He was discovered dead, dropped from the office of the MACC. What else you expect people think?

Tan Boon Wah on the other hand made contradictory statements over a certain period of time. He admitted to have met the deceased in the wee hours of the morning. To make a police report over false imprisonment had very much contradict his own admission that he ‘hung-out’ at the pantry or even went to the toilet without any escort. Remember, only a suspect is treated with handcuffs and an escort anywhere they go. But not a witness.

The convoluted logic of this paragraph would make Salvador Dali proud! I really can’t grasp the relevance of the statements he presents and implies to be TBW’s lies. JMD merely presents 3 totally unrelated statements – TBW met TBH around dawn, TBW made a police report of false imprisonment, and that they were both not supposed to be suspects but “witnesses”. How does 3 totally unrelated statements be contradictory to each other? It’s like claiming that “I had fish for lunch. I went to renew my driver’s license and I am a school teacher” are three contradictory statements. In what way la, man? This is nothing more than just obfuscation and wool over the eyes with emotionally charged phrasing devoid of actual meaning!

Now, it is known that pathologists found traces of DNA on Teoh Beng Hock’s back. The police is making the normal investigation procedure by acquiring the DNA samples of all the persons connected to the case. According to sources, all the MACC officers had voluntarily gave their DNA samples.

Guess who refused to assist the police in trying to find a piece of the puzzle? There are two persons who, till this date refused to acquiesce to the police request.

They are Tan Boon Wah and Lee Wye Wing.

What kind of persons who do not want to cooperate with the police? Are they not interested in letting the public know the truth? Why are they sabotaging the investigation with their unwillingness to cooperate?

Again, where is the source of JMD’s assertions? How do we know what he claims is true? If it is, wouldn’t he be jeopardising the investigations by revealing potentially sensitive information? Or is he just blowing hot air and lies? I’m inclined to believe the latter. Because to believe the former is even more unthinkable – that the MACC, cops or whoever the inside man providing the info, is far less concerned about obstructing justice, slandering people and jeopardising investigations than about covering their own asses!

I believe if such situation persists, the public will never know what had happened that night.

The DAP is harping on continued uncooperative stand with regards to the on going investigation but at the same time crying out for the government to be transparent about the whole incident.

This tactic by the DAP in rallying racist sentiments among its supporters by accusing the government as racist and chinese killer is a well known modus operandi by the opposition to gain support.

Don’t just blow hot air. Please quote the person, his statements and the source you picked it from.

The DAP and the opposition are guilty for their heinous act of accusing Tun Abdul Razak, Datuk Harun Idris and Tun Dr Mahathir as the architects of the racial riot in 1969.

They are also guilty of accusing the current Prime Minister of uttering damning words of ’soaking the keris with chinese blood’ when it was apparent that what they accused was without any shred of evidence.

Both of the accusations above was rebuked without even a whimper of protest or rebuttals from the opposition.

Try checking LKS’s blog for answers.

And yet, was there any apology by the racist leaders within Pakatan Rakyat? There was nothing. Only vile arrogance.

I specifically put the word vile because only people with insidious nature would stir hatred among the chinese towards the malays using that kind of way.

Any sincere apology from Ahmad Said, Bung Mokhtar, Hishammuddin, Najib, et al?

Where is your dignity? Obviously the quest for power knows no bounds in human decency.

Hmmm…this statement is indeed relevant – for UMNO & gang!

Teoh Beng Hock’s death was tragic. It was unthinkable.

He could have been pushed (hence traces of another person’s DNA was found on his back). If there was any struggle, the pathologists will definitely find signs of induced trauma on the skin especially when rigor mortis sets in. This is where cooperation from those two people who were last seen with Teoh Beng Hock is vital.

The police will just have to counter check their DNA, together with the DNA samples of all the MACC officers in order to get a clearer picture.

Yes, but who were the people last seen with TBH? The last person reported by the MSM to have seen TBH was TBW, who was LEAVING the MACC office. But TBH STAYED BEHIND IN THE MACC OFFICE AFTER THAT MEETING. Isn’t it logical to assume that after TBW had left, the last person to have seen TBH alive would be a MACC officer? Who was that officer? JMD seems to have so much insider info but somehow he has no info on this? It’s quite easy what – just line up all the officers who was in the MACC that day and compare the times they saw TBH – you’ll know who saw him last la.

And why is JMD pushing the fabricated story that TBW and Lee were the last ones to see TBH? He even implies that they were the likely culprits! This is fitnah – a heinous sin. And this is not just ANY kind of fitnah – this is fitnah implying that these two were involved in TBH’s death. In not so many words, JMD is pushing the fitnah that TBH might have been killed by these two!

It could have been a freak accident where he accidentally tripped over an open window while peering out.

Tripped while peering out the window? Yeah right…the probability of that is as high as a person drowning in the jamban as he was pissing. Has anyone seen the pics of the window? You can hardly poke your head out without knocking your noggin on the window pane. Imagine la…TBH is peering out the limited window opening, which opens maybe 2 feet wide, and the window pane is pressing against his head. You tell me how he tripped and fell from a stationery position through a small opening with a window pane blocking your way? If you can believe that, PLEASE don’t forget to call me about the cheap Shah Alam bungalow!!

He could have also committed suicide.

Cases of witnesses committing suicide right after being interrogated by the police or anti-corruption agencies are not new.

Even in Hong Kong, where its anti-corruption agency is arguably one of the best in the world (ICAC is the role model of MACC by the way), had numerous cases of suicides after the witnesses were interrogated by its officers.

Lies, lies, lies! To say WITNESSES commit suicide all the time while interrogated by the ICAC is ont only a blatant lie of the lowest order, it is a massive insult to the ICAC’s integrity and track record. If the ICAC ever found out that they were being slandered by a scheister like JMD, he would have his pants sued of him!

As it were, there was ONE case of suicide in Hong Kong where the ICAC came under criticism – from the deceased’s wife. (Chong Tsoi-Jun, the case that JMD is referring to. Look it up, there’s plenty of info on the net about this case – you can see how JMD’s assertions are nothing but pure lies.)  And that suicide happened AFTER the ICAC had COMPLETED their investigation, BROUGHT CHARGES against the fella and he was likely to be CONVICTED. He was also part of an organised crime group, so perhaps he faced pressure from them as well. Again, JMD uses completely irrelevant examples, taken out of context, to try and bolster his fabrications. You might fool the deliberately ignorant JMD, but you won’t fool those who bother to figure things out.

Was the pressure by the MACC during a interrogation session so great that he was willing to commit suicide right after he was released? Assuming the interview session was so torturous, the moment he was released and be free, he jumped out from the window?

What do normal people do after a supposedly ‘grueling’ session is concluded? Would you jump out of the window? What would trigger this sort of reaction?

Eh, JMD! I thought you were so careful to establish that TBH was NOT a suspect but a “witness” invited by the MACC for a chat? In your own words”

“Firstly, Teoh Beng Hock was a witness of a corruption investigation by the MACC. He was not a suspect.”

And that they were so pally they even went for midnight nasi kandar and TBH wanted to spend the night in MACC rathyer than at home with his pregnant wife? Now you’re saying that he was under so much pressure while being interrogated that he was compelled to kill himself? Why should a witness be pressured in the first place, since under law any information given while under duress is inadmissible?

So what story are you selling JMD? Innocent man, free citizen, willing cooperator, suspect, witness or under duress to be informer? You can’t make TBH to be all these things at once, can you?

If I was the MACC, when a witness had willingly divulged all evidences pertaining an allegation of corruption, would it not be imperative to take care of this witness? He will surely be called upon during a future corruption trial to pin the perpetrator of the said crime. Therefore, what benefit will MACC get from Teoh Beng Hock’s death?

Yes, if the witness was of value to the MACC, they would protect him, no? Would the inverse be also true then – that when the MACC has got nothing of value from a “witness”, they would not be treating that so-called witness not-so-nicely anymore?

Shudder the thought that our law-enforcement agencies would use such gangster tactics on Malaysian citizens that they are supposed to protect. However, one can’t blame the public for being suspicious, what with all the death-in-custody cases, execution-style shootout cases and other open secrets about the powers-that-be that shall not be mentioned by this blog at this moment.

Nevertheless, people are more interested to lay blame on the MACC as a simple way to divert attention. What are these people diverting from?

The simple matter of the truth. I mean, the real truth.

It’s ironic isn’t it? That this statement should come from an MACC apologist – who is also a shameless Ketuanan Melayu-UMNO champion. When even lay people’s suspicions are aroused by politicians and enforcement agencies’ blatant spins, lies and cover-ups in the TBH case, this JMD dude treats calls for transparency as a “diversion” from the real truth? If demanding transparency and accountability is deemed as diversion, I wonder what constitutes the “truth” in JMD’s twisted universe?

What good is a prolonged inquest or Royal Commision which many say will be independent when the MACC had been unfairly victimised by the opposition from the very beginning?

Well, a Royal Commission will be independent so their findings are not subject to anyone’s influence are they? Why worry about how the Opposition has “victimised” the MACC? If the RCI absolves the MACC of any responsibility, that would be pie in the Opposition’s face wouldn’t it? If a person had nothing to hide, why should they be afraid to subject themselves to a full and open Inquiry? Or is JMD implying that ALL RCI’s are loyal only to the Opposition and not to King and country?

The real victim here is Teoh Beng Hock and his family members. They have the right to know the real truth. Even when the truth will hurt. But in order to get to the bottom of it, everyone must give their utmost cooperation. The real truth is when we have found out the reasons and the ‘hows’ of Teoh Beng Hock’s untimely death.

After the inquest being postponed to 5th August, the only people who get the benefit are the criminals. The ones who are involved in corruption behind this tragic case.

Oho…and who are those corrupt criminals, pray tell? Please, no more insinuations, innuendos and implications. Those are the rhetoric weapons of cowards, liars and petty minds. Say what you ahve to say, present it with facts and logic. Otherwise, what you have is nothing more than a big stinking pile of BS.

For every single day this matter been sidestepped, the corrupt will benefit more and more.

YES! That’s why TBH’s family had been pushing for a RCI to investigate TBH’s death since day one. But Najib pussyfooted around the issue until he finally presented a RCI that would NOT investigate TBH’s death in hopes that TBH’s family would be grateful.

Instead of the MACC investigating the corruption allegation, it is now the MACC who is being investigated. Then who is monitoring the corruption activities now especially when more than 20 MACC officers are being subpoenaed and the lead officer being reassigned?

Of course the MACC should be investigated – as should all other death-in-custody cases. Unfortunately, Malaysian authorities do not believe that they have any such accountability to the rakyat. As is abundantly demonstrated by JMD’s blatant piece of fiction designed to exonerate the MACC of every blame and divert the attention from TBH’s suspicious death.

People lose focus by the drama that is unfolding. The ones that was alleged by Wee Choo Keong and Azmin Ali as having involvements with the underworld are smiling secretly right now.

Dr. Boo Cheng Hau was right in raising his concerns. We should be concerned too.

Indeed, people – do NOT lose focus on the real issues. Don’t let JMD’s endless spins, fabrications, diversions, and fitnah divert us from the 3 facts that must be established in the TBH death case – what are the means (HOW did he die?), motive (WHY did he die?) and opportunity (WHERE/WHEN did he die?) and which person/s fits these criteria. We owe it to a fellow human being to help him get justice. We owe it to our fellow Malaysian citizen to get the person/s responsible. We owe it to our children to leave them a Malaysia where law enforcement agencies exist to keep them safe.

By trying to justify MACC’s over-enthusiastic fishing expedition, which may have resulted in TBH’s death, JMD is indirectly indicting TBH of being involved in the yet unproven corruption practices of PR politicians. By implying that TBH decided to suddenly and inexplicably kill himself ON HIS WEDDING DAY is insinuating that he couldn’t care less for his wife, unborn child and family. By attempting to exonerate the MACC of all responsibility while it is clear that TBH died while still within their custody is to deny the dead of justice.

This entire article is akin to spitting on TBH’s grave!

I hope you sleep well at night, JMD.

I really do


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