Unusual tear in his belt leads to speculation

WAS Teoh Beng Hock thrown from Plaza Masalam Shah Alam where the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) is located?

This poser arose following testimony by witnesses at the coroner’s court in Shah Alam yesterday. The court was told that a black belt worn by the late Teoh Beng Hock when his body was found had an irregular tear and was possibly broken by force.

This was the testimony given by DNA scientist Dr Seah Lay Hong of the Malaysian Chemistry Department. Dr Seah said this when questioned by Rajpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for the Bar Council.

Rajpal had asked Seah to explain what she meant by the term “irregular tear” in her report on exhibits given to
her by the police for analysis.

Dr Seah

SUSPICIOUS: Dr Seah found DNA of two unknown individuals in the tear region of Teoh’s waist

Dr Seah said she meant a break by force rather than one being made by a sharp cutting object which would have been a regular tear.

To a question by Gobind Singh Deo (holding a watching brief for the Teoh family) Dr Seah, who conducted analysis of the exhibits by way of hypothesis, agreed with Gobind’s suggestion that one of the reasons that could have led to the belt tearing was when a man was held from a high building by a belt and the belt snapped and he fell.

Dr Seah had earlier said that she had conducted tests on a black waist-belt (Suave label) which was torn apart at the buckle-hole region bearing no blood stains after it was handed to her as an exhibit (among other exhibits) by investigating officer ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal at 2.50pm on July 21.

Her report stated that she found the tear on the belt to be irregular, with frayed exposed fabric. Earlier, Dr Seah said that she had conducted a swab test on the belt and the DNA profile derived from the swab taken at the tear region of the waist consisted of a mixture of male DNA types belonging to Teoh, one unknown male individual and at least another unknown male contributor.

Dr Seah had also said that the DNA profile derived from a swab taken from the back portion (outer side) of Teoh’s blazer contained Teoh’s DNA and that of one unknown male individual.


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