CSI Bangkok in action in Shah Alam

Colleagues of respected pathologist Porntip Rojanasunan, who has been engaged by the Selangor government to examine the pathology report on Teoh’s death swung into action in Shah Alam today.

The duo are Somchai Chailermsook Sant (extreme left in photo), head of the crime scene unit, and Dr Triyarith Temahivong (extreme right), chief of clinical forensics from the Central Institute of Forensic Science.

They told reporters that they are here to “listen to the inquest and passed information to Porntip (left), the director of the institute.

Earlier in the day, they were at the MACC office, Shah Alam to revisit the crime scene and also assist in the testing of suspicious stains found at the staircase and office of the Selangor office of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.csi bangkok1

csi bangkok2

According to Gobind Singh Deo, who is representing the family of Teoh Beng Hock the CSI Bangkok’s forensic experts consulted to aid the inquest had returned varying views from the Malaysian experts over the causes of Teoh’s death, raising more questions.



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