CSI Rakyat 10: How a suicide (Fall From Height or Blunt Trauma) will look like

This is a picture which I got from Malaysia Today of a student who committed suicide by jumping off a 16 Floor Building. Notice how messy it was with blood splatters, etc. Look at his shoes and his pants and the position of his body. Compare this suicide case with the picture of Teoh Beng Hock below.



Notice that Teoh had very little blood flowing out (very abnormal) and that the blood is DRY!! The sole of his right shoe totally scrapped and peeled off and the extensive tear at the seat of his pants. His left shoe was about 10 feet away. The pathologist who gave his testimony also failed to mention the laceration on Teoh’s right palm (below) which could indicate a stuggle and that Teoh was trying to ward off some object.

wristPic: Teoh’s right palm had a laceration which could indicate a struggle.

The hand apeared clenched. Was Teoh still alive after the fall???

In Forensic Pathology Review, Vol 5  by Elisabeth E. Türk, she said,

“The injuries sustained vary depending on the falling height, the composition of the impact surface, the position of the body when landing and individual factors such as age, body weight and preexisting disease. Cases of fatal falls from height can carry a high forensic relevance, because at the time the body is found, the manner of death is often unclear. Injuries sustained prior to the actual fall that might have been inflicted by another person might well be masked by the impact injuries. It is thus especially important in these cases to take into account not only the autopsy findings but also toxicology results, findings at the death scene, and the medical, psychiatric, and social history of the victim.”

In Beng Hock’s autopsy report, there were many other injuries, wounds, abrasions, lacerations  and hematoma suffered by him and may have been cleverly masked as impact injuries. They could have actually been inflicted by another person.

Toxicology results showed that Beng Hock wasn’t on drugs, alcohol and was perfectly normal and healthy.

How was Beng Hock’s state of mind before he stepped into MACC office on that fateful day? Perhaps this question can be best answered by his lawyer, M Manoharan, who had accompanied him to the MACC office on July 15. “He was happy and looked composed”

As for Beng Hock’s social history, we all know that he was looking forward to his marriage on the same day he died and must truly be excited that his fiancee was expecting his first child. This was his big day, a happy once in a lifetime occasion for him. He had also contacted his friend, reminding him to be his best man, the day before.



A good, professional forensic pathologist and investigator will always carefully study and analyse the following before making a conclusion on the plausible cause of death:

i)  the autopsy findings;

ii)  toxicology results;

iii)  findings at the death scene;and

iv)  the medical, psychiatric, and social history of the victim.

In Teoh Beng Hock’s case the so-called ‘professional’ pathologist from Klang Hospital concluded ‘suicide’ as the cause of death since (according to him) he couldn’t find signs of a struggle and gave 4 totally lame, baseless and unsubtantiated reasons. He never took into account all (i) – (iv) factors stated above with indepth forensic analysis. He has also completely ignored and omitted factor (iv).

Well so much on the state of professionalism in this country.


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