The three possible conclusions from the inquest

I read  this comment from a reader named ‘gan’ from Dr. Rafick’s Rights2Write blog and was quite amused actually. Its has a simplistic reasoning but then it sounds logical. Here I would like to expand a bit on his theory.


There are three possible conclusions from the inquest:

1) homicide
2) accident
3) suicide

No. 1 – Very bad for MACC and the BN government, possible severe backlash from the rakyat leading to people losing all trust in Government enforcement agencies. People may not cooperate with the enforcement agencies in future. Possible loss of electoral support for BN and will severely affect the votes in GE13. So a BIG NO-NO (at all costs)!!!

No. 2 – Can be disputed as it is difficult for someone who is still conscious to have slipped if he was standing beside the window because the floor is not slippery, it is covered with carpet. And if he had slipped, the window shoulder is at the height of his hips/ waist length, then his  head or body would have fallen first. Teoh was  also not on drugs, alcohol or medication and was a non-smoker and why would he want to open the window to its widest in the first place.   Its better to say a NO (although its a possible option).

No. 3 – YES, thats it!!!

Khairul:  “The “signs are more towards suicide”.

Prashant (parroting):  “Teoh Beng Hock probably committed suicide”


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