Dramatic new development at the TBH Inquest!!!

teoh-inquest-signpostThe inquest took a dramatic turn today when Gobind Singh Deo who is representing Teoh’s family said that there was a new development to the case. Gobind told the Coroner that he had received a letter with explicit details not raised in the inquest and wants police to investigate. He said the letter was handed to him after yesterday’s proceedings.

According to Gobind, the letter contained explicit details which are of significance to the inquest. The details clearly relate to material facts and circumstances relevant to the inquest. Gobind says he is making an application to the court for the letter to be investigated and has informed Teoh’s family accordingly.

family2It is learnt that the coroner and all interested parties viewed the letter earlier in the afternoon. The Coroner agreed that  police should investigate contents of letter and adjourns the inquest to 2pm Monday.

Tan Hock Chuan, for the Attorney-General’s Chambers, said the prosecution has no objection for  further investigation to be carried out. “All of us are interested to know the truth. These are allegations that must be investigated by police. Let the police investigate to verify the truth or otherwise of the allegations.”

Meanwhile Malaysiakini reports that the content of the letter was not revealed at all but were made available to only parties in the case.

The lawyers meanwhile remained tight-lipped on the content following an agreement among them not to divulge the details in the letter.

Talking to reporters later, Gobind said he was given the letter by hand yesterday evening through another individual.

He also confirmed that the letter revealed the names of several individual but refused to even say if they were politicians or otherwise. He also did not want to reveal if it was an anonymous letter or if was signed.The only other detail he gave was that the five-page letter was typewritten.

mystery letter

Who gave the MYSTERIOUS LETTER to Gobind? Whose ‘names’ were mentioned and what were  the contents of the letter. What allegations were made? We await the outcome of this drama!!!



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