160909 : Launch of the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative



The Anak Bangsa Malaysia Initiative is going to be launched on 16 September 2009. This initiative promises to be ‘THE MOVEMENT’ for change and I sincerely believe that it will be instrumental in achieving the genuine, meaningful bond between all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or creed. 16 September is particularly significant and meaningful because it is the day the Federation of Malaysia was formed (Malaya, Sabah & Sarawak) .

We are ONE COUNTRY, ONE BANGSA – BANGSA MALAYSIA and nothing will break the bonds of love between us.


By Haris Ibrahim

Next Wednesday, 16th September, 2009, Hari Malaysia,  my friends and I who have been working on the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative will launch the same.

At the Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia, No.66, Lorong Setiabistari 1, Bukit Damansara.

Don’t know where that is?

No problem.

The map is HERE.

We’ll share with you what took us almost two months to put together : the Anak Bangsa Malaysia Charter.

We’ll launch our website.

And we’ll share with you our plans to take the message of One People, One Nation far and wide.

We’d like to see you at the launch.

If you’re joining us, please note that registration of attendees starts at 6pm.

The launch presentation is slotted to take off at 6.30pm, followed with a press conference and thereafter the sharing of a simple buka puasa meal with all those present.

We’re catering food.

Not a whole lot of food because, quite honestly, we haven’t got much money.

Truth is I’m hoping that we won’t have enough food for all of you who turn up, because that might mean we underestimated the numbers who care.

Should that happen, I’m banking on the love, tenderness and respect that I am certain you will all bring to the Rumah more than making up for any lack of food.

SABM T-shirts and badges and buttons will be on sale so don’t forget to bring your money which, I will shamelessly tell you, we need to push our programs forward.

Please treat this post as a personal invitation from my friends and I to you. – Haris

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27 Responses to 160909 : Launch of the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative

  1. dan says:

    Hats off to Haris! Too bad that i am oversea, not able to attend. But my heart is with all the Anak2 Bangsa Malaysia.

  2. michael says:

    There will never be 1 malaysia as long as too much emphasis on religion,too much racial discrimination.
    Racial polarisation among those fanatic politicians for their political gains.
    In west malaysia,racial polarisation is real bad.whereas
    Sabah and Sarawak,different races still enjoy the closeness among different races as long as the west malaysian politicians leave us in peace.

  3. count me in. Prepared to donate money to further cause show channel

  4. Dr. Amrit Sekhon says:

    Just Suggesting,,

    I propose a change in the date from 1609 to 1699. This connotation gives relevance to all three , the date ie 16, the month (9) ie September and (9) ie the year.

    In 1609 = I cant see the relevance.

  5. Dr. Amrit Sekhon says:

    Another Suggestion,,


  6. 16September says:

    I luv it.The Formation on Malaysia. The Negara TANAH Melayu, Negara Jajahan British SARAWAK n Negara Jajahan SABAH.3 Nation.I repeat..3 Nation.

  7. paul wong says:

    I will be bringing 2 friends…Halim Berbar and Aniza

  8. Carol Quek says:

    omg..if i’d known of this event earlier i would not have planned an “old” girls reunion which falls on the same time and day. all the best for the launch. keep up the good work, Haris!!

  9. Mohamed says:

    Asaalamualaikkum wrb Haris,
    Wonderful attempt and May Allah swt be with all of you to see this become a success.I love to be there with you all if not for my prior committment as it Lailatul Qadir nite and I will be busy with my reponsibilty as Chairman of an Indian Muslim mosque in Ipoh.I will definitely include your noble attempt in my doa after Tahajjud prayer,Insya Allah.I will also arrange a small donation to be sent to the address listed.Please call me if you can @ 79547652 and ask for Dato’Thasleem.
    Your brother-in-Islam and a Malaysian.

  10. ongkor says:

    Hi sdr-sdr,

    it is good that you extend similar gatherings in sabah and sarawak…get someone to lead….it is indeed a great day for MALAYSIANS in the making of MALAYSIA….Malaysia Merdeka ke 46 tahun!!! Bukan 52 tahunXXXXXX

  11. Philip Chong says:

    Dear Harris

    I won’t be able to attend this lovely event, please email me your bank account, I shall do my part.

    Thank you & best regards,

    Philip Chong

  12. Elan Elangovan says:

    Brilliant. Count me in. I cannot attend in person (far away in Europe) but I will be there in mind & spirit

  13. NgiuChap says:

    Just make sure you celebrate 46 years of Malaysia, not 52!

  14. pakpin says:

    Wow..Haris..This is a piece of History in the making that I never thought I would see during my lifetime..!!! For a moment, I wondered if you were our Comedian ” Haris” creating another joke…

    I want to be there, and also to make a difference. Oohh, I’ve committed to attend a berbuka function already. ( NOT an excuse). Please keep me informed of future developments.

    Btw, will they be sending Watercanons, Special Branch etc..??

  15. Robert Teh says:

    Hi! Haris,

    1609 (16th Day of September) – is indeed ‘Malaysia Day’. Let’s make this date a day to rejoice, celebrate and cherish the ‘Malaysianess’ in us all.

    God Bless You! Harris.

    Saya juga Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

  16. GH Tan says:

    Dear Haris,

    I would like to attend but I am going off to Shanghai for work tonight.

    My suggestion: Please do post all those memorabilia online for sales, as I know there’s a lot of Anak Bangsa Malaysia overseas that would like to get their hands on all these items.

    Thank you.

  17. Bravo! I fully support this launching. As a Sabahan I would like to share why Malaysia Day is not a national public holiday? The history of Malaysia have the legacy of differing dates for State and Federal Independence (31st August 1957) and Federation of Malaysia (16th September 1963) and some said that if we go back to the starting point of the journey towards Malaysia and without Malaya, there could never have been Malaysia. Now the issue here is Sept 16 is a date when Malaysia was formed, to be celebrated as Malaysia Day but why it is not declared a national public holiday?

    If we cited specifically Article 160 of the Federal Constitution there is no Malaysia Day (Sept 16, 1963) it had never been included. Article 160 only defines (under interpretation) “Merdeka Day” means Aug 31, 1957. In other words this interpretation mean we can only have one Independence Day on every August 31st (reference is made to the US which observes a common Independence Day despite all its 50-odd states having their own historic dates of joining the Union) and Malaysia Day is relegated as a secondary event. As a result, such interpretation raises a lot of questions such as what happenend to the Malaysia Agreement.

    The Prime Minister who comes up with the concept of 1Malaysia should make the effort to include the interpretation of Malaysia Day (Sept 16, 1963), which has never been included in Article 160 of the Federal Constitution and declared Sept 16 a national public holiday, if he is really serious in his 1Malaysia crusade.

  18. anonymous says:

    Hi !
    Well done .
    Thanks Haris and all who make it true.

    To all anak bangsa Malaysia out there .
    In order to make a colourful and rememberance one , so don’t forget to hoist our national flag (regardless big or small one will do) in front of your home tomorrow (16Sep).

    Hopefully flags all around Malaysia(The peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak)

    We are ONE COUNTRY, ONE BANGSA – BANGSA MALAYSIA and nothing will break the bonds of love between us.


  19. Cassandra says:

    “There are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people”

    Your initiative to “mobilise” the ordinary in the defence of our shared history and to confound the communalists is greatfully welcomed.

    As I am overseas, please help me contribute. Please advice where I can send some small financial contribution to help to further your cause. I will try to mobilise my fellow Malaysians here, who share your views to also help.

  20. rob says:


    Let me know how I can contribute to the buka puasa during the launch. Maybe a few barrels of KFC or something like that.

    peace be with you


  21. lpselvam says:

    Bro Haris
    may god wit u, all the good work u being doing .
    I will be there bro.

  22. TB Leong says:

    I Feel Proud of U ……..One Bangsa Malaysia

  23. Lyon says:

    Dear Haris,

    I have already confirmed my attendance and will be there to break fast with with all of the anak bangsa Malaysia.

    Cheers mate

  24. hcltmp says:

    i am oku from teluk intan, perak, if we want to join this activity, how?

    • bangmalaysia says:

      Hi hcltmp,

      If you are in KL on Sept. 16, please drop by at the Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia around 6.00pm to join the SABM launch. The map to RABM is in the post. TYou.

  25. Hamzah says:

    Date and venue are clear. But at what time?

  26. panca says:

    Sabah and Sarawak are equal partners. Happy Malaysia Day, Malaysians.

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