Dr. Pornthip: Teoh’s Death, 80% Likelihood of HOMICIDE

teoh ori
Was Teoh Beng Hock tortured before he died from the fall? Was his anus penetrated with an object? Did they strangle him and hit him directly on the skull causing a fracture?

Flamboyant Thai pathologist Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand tries to piece together what actually happened to Teoh Beng Hock before he died.

pornthip282Dr Pornthip tells court not all injuries on Teoh’s body were consistent with fall from a height.

1. Dr Pornthip says injury to Teoh’s anus caused by penetration with object before fall, based on pictures taken from death site.She added that she has never seen this kind of penetrating injury in a fall from height. No object at the scene could have caused this.

2. To determine whether torture has happened, the skin must be opened to determine if there is haemorrhage or not. The forensic pathologist doing the post mortem did not undertake this procedure.

3. Dr. Pornthip also observed bleeding at anterior of Teoh’s neck. She believes this is indicative of manual strangulation as the round marks on Teoh’s neck could mean ‘manual strangulation’ with fingers.

4.Dr. Pornthip also believes that the fracture on top of skull looks like a direct force injury, It is NOT consistent with transfer force from feet meaning that the fracture is not typical of injury from fall but more compatible from blunt force applied directly to the skull.

5. Dr Pornthip confirms that Teoh was alive when he hit the ground but may have been unconscious even before falling. If Teoh was conscious, there would be ankle fractures as defence or reaction injuries.But here there were NO reaction injuries. Four reasons givere by Dr. Pornthip were

1. Alive when landing on ground;
2. No reaction injuries (ankle and wrist fracture);
3. There were prefall injury;and
4.Chest impact

6.  The abrasion at the bottom of Teoh’s right shoe looks like he was dragged on the ground. This supports Dr Porntip’s view that Teoh was unconscious when he fell.


Dr Porntip says that Teoh’s death was 80% likelihood of a HOMICIDE. She concludes that the pre-fall injuries rendered Teoh unconscious and death was fall from height.

Wednesday October 21, 2009

Teoh inquest: 80pc chance it was homicide, says Thai expert

There is an 80% chance that the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was caused by homicide, the coroner’s court was told Wednesday. Based on her examination of the autopsy reports and pictures of the site, Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand said that not all injuries on the body were consistent with a fall from a height.


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