Local forensics’ credibility under fire in Teoh case

Here’s some responses from Malaysians resulting from Dr. Pornthip’s stunning revelation that theres an 80% chance of homicide in Teoh Beng hock’s death.

Vincent Ong Seng Wah: This shows how “professional” our own forensics personnel are to have the audacity to claim the possibility of suicide. A fine example of their world-class efficiency as allegedly claimed by our former prime minister.

We were made a laughing stock. Malaysians are living ‘under a rock’ with the grave consequences of not knowing the world outside. Maybe we shouldn’t fault their ignorance as all the news media are controlled and most news are censored to the flavour and favour of those in power. There is no independence of news coverage.

Multi Racial: Just by looking at the report, Dr Pornthip can gave us such a convincing conclusion on the cause of Teoh Beng Hock’s death. But our very own local experts can only gave us a blurry report and a conclusion we all doubt. Even without the autopsy, nobody will believe Teoh would commit suicide in the MACC building. The government, instead of doing their job to find the truth, covered it up.

Cala: I am curious to see how the government reacts to the new findings uncovered by Dr Pornthip. It has a direct impact on the way voters cast their votes in the next general election. Malaysians cannot be expected to be entertained by another episode of “correct, correct, correct” from such clowns as VK Lingam.

Kleo: I don’t know how good Dr Pornthip’s reputation is, but I for one will wait for a proper report from her before I conclude this as “evidence” that Teoh was murdered. As she confessed herself, she’s only looked at second-hand analysis and reports. Hardly a good enough reason for me to put any trust in her 80 percent -20 percent claim yet.

Moontime: Another damning allegation from a renowned forensic expert. I recall she appeared in Discovery Channel some months back investigating a homicide case involving a millionaire in Thailand.

She was also actively involved in the aftermath of the tsunami in 2004. Let’s see how MACC can wriggle its way out of this allegation. Another VK Lingam to the rescue? He’s becoming like a Superman nowadays protecting the government against lawsuits and criminal defamation. When will this ever end?

X’roy: Dr Khairul Azman and Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar use Malaysian standards, which are unique to Malaysia. Now an international expert of repute, a no nonsense pathologist with more then 10,000 autopsies gives us her professional opinion. How unprofessional we can get depends on the results of this inquiry, the subsequent actions and the final result. Malaysia should not insult Teoh’s parents, his wife and others by saying this is a suicide. This is enough to suspend indefinitely all those involved in this interrogation.

Abdul Hakim: 1. The doctor is a foreigner and her input cannot be used in Malaysia because it’s foreign interference 2. International forensics is far inferior to Malaysian forensics and doesn’t comply with local standards 3. The expert’s dressing and outlook is not in compliance with dress codes for Malaysian medical officers so her testimony cannot be used in a court of law.

Anwar Rashid: I hope each of us never loses the feelings of sadness and fear at these deaths in custody. Fear that at any time, when you are detained for any kind of reason by the authorities with power of detention, that this same fate may befall you or your loved ones. Sad because his death was needless, a young man to be married to his loved one the next day. Teoh’s death should not be in vain. Whatever may be our politics, Teoh’s death will be a reminder to demand accountability from our government.

Tc80000: No one can doubt her credibility, as she is one of the best pathologists in the world. I saw her in action during the Khao Lak tsunami in Phuket many years back and she was very professional with her work and her task was even harder then, identifying thousands of body parts collected.

Justgreat: So what more has MACC to say? An expert witness has given her thoughts and findings. Is this going the way of the Kugan’s case, where only one person was alleged to have caused his injury? Will this case be swept under the carpet just like VK Lingam’s case, perhaps even the PKFZ case?

It scares me to think that the justice system in Malaysia is corrupted to the core and controlled by the ruling government to oppress the people. It saddens me more when I was proven right again – I said to my wife just two months ago that the MACC and those guilty for Teoh’s death will find fault with his character.

True enough; the government and MACC are carrying out character assassination now with all the evaluation done on Teoh’s family. This clearly shows that the government is guilty of trying to protect MACC from harm thus to absolve them of any wrongdoing. A human life is worth nothing to these people who only want to wield power. MACC, we don’t trust you!

Multi Racial: Dr Pornthip was just being diplomatic to say it was 80 percent homicide and 20 percent suicide. Was it incompetence of our own experts or blatant lies or both?


2 Responses to Local forensics’ credibility under fire in Teoh case

  1. Pat says:

    I think we need to remember that the ‘local’ forensic specialists that were consulted were not necessarily the best we have here. It’s what ‘worked’ for them. In all things, there is always at least two sides to a story. They chose to tell us this side.

    If I were to just go by the blogs I read, and the ‘virtual’ autopsies I followed – both in the case of Teoh, and in the case of Kugan – I’d say we have doctors and forensic specialists here who are as good as, if not better than, Thailand’s Dr Death.

    I feel that her testimony was needed because she is foreign, and not inspite of it. As a foreigner, she can ‘tell it like it is’. A local expert would need to be wary of unwarranted repercussions.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’m a Malaysian, currently studying Forensic Science in UK. From all the investigation photos that are appeared on the net/newspaper, I have the confidence that the Forensic team in Malaysia that are responsible for the case is incompetent to the investigations.

    The coroner’s inquest will not get a reliable forensic investigations outcomes due to the fact that all or mostly the evidence are contaminated. Not just this case, I can say that mostly the case dealt by the RMP Forensic are either contain contaminations or errors.

    Malaysia Government should set up an independent Forensic Unit throughout the whole country, with up-to-date forensic laboratory situated in strategic states, the forensic unit should not have any connections with the police force, but will work closely with the police and provide independent expert witness forensic investigations.

    Other than that, the RMP should receive need-to-know only basis on dealing with a crime scene, but not trying to be a scientist on their own. RMP might be good at investigations and detective work, but science is a science.


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