Why was Dr Mohd Asri arrested??

Dr Mohd Asri, who was arrested on Sunday night, was released on a police bond Monday without being charged.

Meanwhile, Dr Mohd Asri was not charged at the Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court but was issued a police bond as a notice for JAIS enforcement officers to question him at a later date.

There were no JAIS officers present.

“I dont understand why I have been treated like this. I am a former mufti. I also have a PhD in Islamic studies from the IIU. I tutor PhD and Masters’ students in my classes (USM). Why am I being treated like this?”

“I hope this becomes a point for the Government to amend the laws for better human rights and more freedom of speech,” he told reporters after being issued the bond.

Earlier Monday morning, supporters and well-wishers of Dr Mohd Asri gathered at the Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court as he waited to be charged by JAIS.

Despite waiting nearly three hours, the prominent Islamic scholar said he has not been informed of the charge that Jais plans to file against him.

It is, however, expected that he would be charged under Section 119 of the Selangor Islamic Administration Enactment for preaching without state permission (tauliah) at a private house in Taman Sri Ukay, Gombak to a crowd of 500 friends and relatives on Sunday night.

Among those who have gathered at the courthouse are Titiwangsa MP Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohamad Ghazali, Ampang MP Dr Zuraida Kamaruddin, Hulu Klang assemblyman Saari Sungib, Sisters In Islam board member Zainah Anwar and social activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

Dr Mohd Asri was reportedly detained by some 25 Jais officers and 30 police at 9.45pm on Sunday night.

Despite attempts by Saari and Dr Zuraida to negotiate with officers not to arrest him, Dr Mohd Asri was brought to the Keramat police station to assist in JAIS investigations.

However, Dr Asri told reporters that the authorities did not take his statement but only his personal particulars.

Instead, he was ordered to present himself to the Gombak Timur court on Monday to hear the charge against him.

Some views on the arrest from Malaysiakini:

Ex-Perlis mufti freed on bail: Jais feels the heat?

P Dev Anand Pillai: This arrest seems to be more of the work of a hidden hand from the ruling party in the federal government as opposed to any exercise of power by the state government.

Some quarters are saying that PAS is courting him so he will be a likely election candidate and with his youth and charisma, one can be sure that he will bring in the votes. Further he seems to be a liberal as opposed to the traditional old school when it comes to the clergy.

So who gains and who loses if he is not stopped? It will not take a rocket scientist to note who are the culprits behind this abuse of power and further, since when on earth did the police, Islamic Affairs Department and Syariah Court officials act with this speed?

The directions must be coming from some quarter at the federal seat of power in Putrajaya.

Michael Martin: What a joke. Arrest a man first, then try to establish what he has done wrong and then what to charge him with! What kind of country is this?

Jimmy Ng: This is comical indeed and it can only happen in Boleh-land. They arrested him but couldn’t decide what to charge him with? In other words, they could not decide what crime he had committed.

But they will decide later? What was more shocking was that they arrested him first. No wonder Malaysia’s justice system is one of the laughing stocks of the world. A world-class comedy act indeed.


One Response to Why was Dr Mohd Asri arrested??

  1. keng tiong hai says:

    why so many police and JAIS office to arrest a former mufti of Perlis, Dr Asri?
    They are afraid to arrest him i presume.

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