The Internet War


“We certainly lost the Internet war, the cyber-war… It was a serious misjudgment. We made the biggest mistake in thinking that it was not important.”

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, 2008


One Response to The Internet War

  1. Pat says:

    That’s still ‘they’ and ‘us’ – and shouldn’t government be about us all? Wishful thinking, perhaps….

    But, it’s unfortunate that he sees it as one of those he lost. I see it as one of those he won; and we won. And ‘they’ can still turn into a win, if the internet is seen for what it is: a means towards knowledge, and therefore power.

    We’ve grown up and we can think. The internet is just one of the tools we need. There are others. If this is the only war seen to have been lost, that’s another thing to be sad about, no?

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