MACC Makeover: Changing Our Perception?

I think this is an excellent article. Frankly I am bloody sick and tired of MACC officials, still in a state of denial, making claims agian and again that they have been fair and impartial and keep blaming public perception. MACC will never change as long as this state of denial exists.

By Khoo Kay Peng

Incoming Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohammed said:

“We believe we are (consistent) but there is a perception that we’re not. We feel that we’re fair but there’s the perception that we’re not. So, we have to accept such views.”

The commission, he added, had to ensure that it was effective, consistent and fair. “We also need to be more transparent,” he added.

Abu Kassim said he needed the support from all sectors of the society, including non-governmental organisations, adding: “Without this, the MACC can’t excel.”

The first thing Abu Kassim should do is to stop believing that his agency is faultless, fair and consistent. There are many instances which pointed to a damning fact that MACC is bias and a self-serving tool of the administration.

What he should do is to accept these weaknesses and try his best to correct them. The people do not have a hidden agenda to victimize the MACC.

So, for a start we would like to know if investigations will be conducted on the VK Lingam scandal, Mohd Khir Toyo massive mansion, Muhyiddin’s helicopter ride, PI Bala allegations against the PM and his family members, the PKFZ financial scandal, the Auditor General report and many more.

In the past, most of the cases involving top politicians from the ruling coalition are swept under the carpet. Investigations were announced and conducted but no further action was taken. No satisfactory feedback was ever given to the public.

This is not called transparency. I hope Abu Kassim does not blame it on our perception again.


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