Nazri lashes out at Malay supremacy advocates


This is the clear message from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz (left) to extremists who keep harping on Malay supremacy for political mileage and self interest.

He said this when asked by Malaysiakini to comment on the current trend of some organisations and groups to play on the Malay supremacy theme, stirring up uneasiness, tension and fear among the other races.

The debate intensified when DAP Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran described Malay supremacy and the New Economic Policy at a recent parliamentary sitting as drawbacks that went against the concept of uniting the various races under the banner of the 1Malaysia concept.

This sparked an emotional chain-reaction among various groups which have lodged several police reports against Kulasegaran for questioning the special rights of Malays and some even called for the revoking of his citizenship and deporting him to India.

Responding to this, Nazri said, “It is their personal right to lodge police reports but at the end of the day, this move will only be a setback for the 1Malaysia concept.

“We are now living in 2010 and I do not subscribe to the Malay supremacy,” he told Malaysiakini after launching a new bus service from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh at the Kuala Kangsar taxi stand this morning.

“It is ridiculous to harp on such an issue which is only regressive to the 1Malaysia concept. To me, it is only the 1Malaysia concept that matters and nothing else,” said the Umno politician who does not mince his words when commenting on the issue.

“We should not split the 1Malaysia concept with statements such as Malay supremacy or Indian supremacy or Chinese supremacy.”

“Instead we should pool the positive aspects and business experiences of the Indian and Chinese communities to bring greater prosperity to the economy of our country,” the Padang Rengas MP added.

Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia (Malaysian supremacy)

The Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) concept should be changed to Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia (Malaysian supremacy) as it is the people who are the true masters of the country.

In making the call, DAP national vice-chairman M Kulasegaran is going on the offensive against racist groups and organisations which have lodged several police reports for his stand against Malay supremacy.

“What we need in this country is people’s supremacy and not Malay supremacy which is a Umno political concept propagated to serve their own interests and not the Malay race, ” the DAP Ipoh Barat MP said.

“It is the people who are the masters as seen by their voting power during last year’s March 8 general election which changed the political equation of the BN from the two-third majority to a simple majority,” he pointed out.

y4c nep forum 060207 m kulasegaranSo how can Umno claim to have the edge in supremacy when it’s the people who have the final say ?” Kulasegaran(left) asked.

He said there must exist no master and servant relationship among the people in order to achieve genuine unity and harmony in a multi-racial society.

That relationship belongs to the colonial days of British rule and it is now irrelevant to the modern society which sees all Malaysians as equal, he added.

“In fact, the Malay supremacy is no longer supported or endorsed by BN component parties as seen by recent political events. The only difference between them and me is that I am vocal in voicing the concerns of every Malaysian whereas they prefer to remain silent in case they offend their Umno boss.”

The vocal DAP leader said that he will continue to speak up without fear or favour, keeping true to his conscience and principles.

“There is no way that I will apologise as demanded by certain quarters and will not give up my citizenship as I was born and lived here like those so-called Umno Malay supremacy people, ” he said.

In the first place these people must know how to differentiate between the special powers of the Malay which is enshrined in the federal Constitution and Malay supremacy which is not, he pointed out.


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