It’s Taxpayer’s MONEY That’s Being Used to Run BTN Courses – They Have a Right to Debate!!

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak wants all quarters, including ministers not to prolong the polemics on the National Civics Bureau (BTN). He said he himself would evaluate BTN’s training modules and arrive at a decision on them later.

By Khoo Kay Peng

The prime minister should take note that it is not possible to stop the debate on BTN. What he should do is not to display the I-know-best attitude but to listen to all quarters. After all, the taxpayers are paying more than RM74 million annually to run these racist courses.

Najib should take cognisance that the dawn has set on race based politics. No race should lord over another. It is time for this country to embrace all its citizens and other talents too who want to be part of our initiative to make Malaysia a successful nation.

Any attempt to delay, prolong or defend the BTN will not be taken lightly by Malaysians who just want to throw racism out of the window.

We have had enough of the polemics of NEP, Bumiputera quota and other affirmative actions which did not really help the needy ones. These policies were used and are still being used to benefit the politically connected and the privileged.

Recent scandals such as the PKFZ, the Shah Alam hospital etc. are examples of the failure and abuse of race based policies.


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