For ‘1Malaysia’, two words must disappear

Lt Cdr(B) RMK Malaysiakini

Much have been talked about and done under the title ‘1Malaysia’ with so much involvement of taxpayers’ money and the government’s time even to the level of losing our children in rivers under the ‘beautiful’ theme of ‘1Malaysia’. Our prime minister has propounded this ‘great idea’ of ‘1Malaysia’.

But never has the government pondered on the very core ingredients of creating a ‘1Malaysia’ in its purest form. In a nutshell, it refers to the unity of the Malaysian people irrespective of creed, colour or religion and all aiming at a single direction.

Many, if not a striking majority will agree with me that basically, the feeling of unity must be instilled at a very young age wherever possible. The learning institutions are, of course, the best place to start with. The much enshrined feeling of oneness towards national unity and undivided loyalty must be injected into our children’s main ‘artery’ so as to effectively nurture a beautiful Malaysia in the years to come without looking back in remorse.

Children being children are basically receptive and pure at heart to whatever teachings that cross their bow. Gone are the days of the 50s, 60s and 70s where the children’s questioning rights were crippled – not to blame anybody of course, as we’re only blooming then. But today’s children are quick enough to analyse their rightful virtues.

My child aged 13 years once questioned me: ‘Appa, why are we being differentiated from bumiputera or the ‘sons of the soil’? Am I not the ‘son of this soil’? I was born in Malaysia and not India and neither have I stepped on Indian soil. My country got its independence some 50 years ago and I’m a citizen here.

‘I sing the Negara Ku. I declare the Rukun Negara every Monday in school. Appa, you also served the nation as a commissioned armed forces officer for 15 years. Yet, I’m known as the non -bumiputera or the ‘non-son of the soil’. Why, Appa why? I also heard that I’ll be discriminated against in many ways at my later days in the secondary schools, public universities and public departments and also in some businesses’.

To this, I gladly explained to my child the origins of our NEP and sadly explained the present distorted NEP (whereby many rich bumiputeras have benefitted). And I added by saying that we are the ‘Duniaputras ‘ who have to be discriminated against and ruled by the same NEP in many ways. And hoping that one day things will change with a change of government.

I like to point out to the PM that equality is the main ingredient of ‘unity and loyalty’ to cultivate good future leaders and generations. A landmark example would be America whereby potential migrants from other countries are already faithful and loyal to America in their minds before securing their ‘green cards’ and stepping onto American soil. This is due to equality.

The fact is that we are already divided by a ‘Berlin Wall’ known as bumiputera and non- bumiputera. The government can throw billions and billions of public funds to churn a ‘1Malaysia’ but nothing is going to change if the dark clouds of unhappiness, discrimination and insecurity hang over the non-bumiputera children who usually don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel they’re in.

So in all fairness, these two big words must disappear from the Malaysian dictionary. ‘1Malaysia’ will never work unless the terms ‘bumiputera’ and ‘non-bumiputera’ vanish from the Malaysian scenario.

If this is done, the ‘brain drain’ will stop and may even be reversed and this will eventually consolidate the present ruling party and the nation. Otherwise, may God bless the ruling party in the next election.


One Response to For ‘1Malaysia’, two words must disappear

  1. PoliticoCat says:

    Good article.

    Sadly under the BN government, loyalty of a non-malay has no value. It is a worthless coin in their eyes. No matter how much we love Malaysia, no matter how many generation we have lived here and no matter the sacrifice, we will forever be “pendatang”. Outsiders, that they barely tolerate and can’t wait to get rid off.

    UMNO politicians are now brave enough to say that the non-malays of Malaysia second class citizen. Although it would be better to call us fourth class citizens. (The first class are the AMNOputra. The second class citizens are the “orang melayu” biasa. The third class citizens are the non-malay bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak.)

    ‘Duniaputras ‘
    That is a good term. It is estimated that there are 3 million Malaysians oversea. Given that Malaysia’s population is around 27 million. It is safe to say that 1 in 10 Malaysians live overseas. I believe few nations can match those kinds of statistics.

    Can the damage be repaired?
    I don’t know anymore. It took 40 years of damaging to get where we are now. I think it would take another 40 years to get where we were at Independence. Malaysia also has lost its regional lead in those 40 years. It will take money to repair that damage and I don’t know if Malaysia will be in the position of doing so.

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