Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter speaks up (Repost)

Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter
Sharyn Lisa Shufiyan, 24
“Both my parents are Malay. My mum’s heritage includes Chinese, Thai and Arab, while my dad is Minangkabau. Due to my skin colour, I am often mistaken for a chinese.
I’m happy that I don’t have the typical Malay look but I do get annoyed when people call me Ah Moi or ask me straight up “Are you Chinese or Malay”Like, why does it matter? Before I used to answer “Malay” but now I’m trying to consciously answer Malaysian instead..

There’s this incident from primary school that I remember till today. Someone told me that I will be called last during Judgement Day because I don’t have a Muslim name. Of course, I was scared then but now that I’m older, I realise that a name is just a name. It doesn’t define you as a good or bad person and there is definitely no such thing as a Muslim name. You can be named Rashid or ALI and still be a Christian.

I’ve heard of the 1Malaysia concept, but I think we don’t need to be told to be united. We’ve come such a long way that it should already be embedded in our hearts and minds that we are united. Unfortunately, you can still see racial discrimination and polarisation. There is still this ethno-centric view that the Malays are the dominant group and their rights must be protected, and non Malays are forever the outsiders.

For the concept to succeed, I think the government should stop with the race politics. It’s tiring, really. We grew up with application forms asking us to tick our race. We should stop painting a negative image of the other races, stop thinking about ‘us’ and ‘them’ and focus on ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘Malaysians’.No one should be made uncomfortable in their own home. A dear Chinese friend of mine said to me once, “I don’t feel patriotic because I am not made to feel like Malaysia is my home, and I don’t feel an affinity to China because I have never lived there..

I know some baby Nyonya friends who can trace their lineage back hundreds of years. I’m a fourth generation Malaysian.. If I am Bumiputra, why can’t they be, too? Clearly I have issues with the term.

I think the main reason why we still can’t achieve total unity is because of this ‘Malay rights’ concept. I’d rather ‘Malay rights’ be replaced by human rights. So unless we get rid of this Bumiputra status, or reform our views and policies on rights, we will never achieve unity.

For my merdeka wish, I’d like for Malaysians to have more voice, to be respected and heard. I wish that the government would uphold the true essence of parliamentary democracy. I wish for the people to no longer fear and discriminate against each other, to see that we are one and the same.

I wish that Malaysia would truly live up to the tourism spin of Malaysia truly Asia.


3 Responses to Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter speaks up (Repost)

  1. Someone known to me graduated from the same class as the Tunku, I had heard so much of that generation and know that today’d Malaysia is but a mere shadow of what it was.

    It would do no harm for Tunku’s great grand daughter (2 generations away) to run for a MP’s seat if she can understand and will work for the aspirations of Malaysians towards :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    Please look through my group below for a larger plan that only a rare breed of Malay and Malaysian can understand in this day and age. If not of extreme wealth, or causing conflict of interest somehow, she would stand a better chance than any other politician this day in effecting a sincere version of 1Malaysia.


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  3. Even though you did not post what I posted, please enjoy the advanced form of democracy of what I present below, even as political parties are proving to be an increasingly outdated and nominally potentially collusive concept of governance that puts an entire populace at the mercy of a handful of parliamentarians as seen in recent rubber stamping of Toll Concessionaires, Forced Military Conscriptions or Vehicular-APs and very nearly GST.


    USA, UK and Malaysia, are *Representative Democracies* (2nd class version of democracy) and thus not even truly an open system being limited to the whims and fancies of parliamentarians alone. *Participatory Democracy* (1st class version of democracy) is a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems.

    It avoids the concept of the people having a single view with the inevitable limitations that come from trying to agree what that view is. Government is heavily decentralized into smaller independent groups to allow personalized preferences within groups to be expressed in a functional manner PREFERRED by each particular group.

    The system seeks to avoid problems with centralized and electoral governance, while still providing a stable democratic system and ensuring all forms of human expression especially those diametrically opposed to be allowed expression. For example theocrat moralists / and sin industries (adult or gambling) can all be represented and functional even while proponents within each group do not use or believe in the other.

    Under *Participatory Democracy*, all expressions will have their own place, albeit in a highly separated manner.

    Study in conjunction with the comments/ideas on the below links :

    A Rather Telling Exchange Between the Free Spirit and Authoritarianist – 18th October 2010

    Unsuitable to Vote : Individuals Causing Notable Conflict of Interest in Local Council Elections – Original Article 6th

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