SABM Supports Parents’ Right to Register Child as ‘Anak Malaysia’

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Written by straits-mongrel
Wednesday, 08 June 2011 10:44
1. We refer to the news reports on Tuesday, 7 June, on the rejection by the National Registration Department [NRD] to register the daughter of Mr. M. Ramachandran and YB Hannah Yeoh, as “Anak Malaysia”.

2. We unreservedly support the right of the parents to determine the identity of their beloved child. We wholeheartedly commend Hannah and Rama for the courage to stand by their principles. Their stand to remind us of our common identity as human beings, and as members of this collective called Malaysia, deserves the highest accolade.

3. Some two years ago, the Government announced that it was reviewing the need for the category “ethnicity” in all official forms. We wonder as to the status of this review exercise? Obviously the NRD has not acted on this decision yet. In this era of information technology, the NRD’s reason that their system is not designed to capture a new “identity” can only be considered lame!

4. We call upon the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to immediately order the NRD to accept and register, not only baby Shay Adora Ram, but all children whose parents request that they be registered as “Anak Bangsa Malaysia.” This will truly signal to the Nation and the world that the Government is sincere about actualizing the vision of 1Malaysia.

5. We, as a People, need to consciously reject the ethnic silos created by politicians and bureaucrats alike. We call upon all Malaysians to stand with Hannah and Rama in this noble struggle to challenge the anachronistic paradigm of governance premised on “ethnicity”.

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia [SABM]

Kuala Lumpur

8 June 2011


2 Responses to SABM Supports Parents’ Right to Register Child as ‘Anak Malaysia’

  1. Grace says:

    Hi Bang Malaysia,

    I am now in the US. I feel sad reading news daily on the political situation. 😦

    • bangmalaysia says:

      Hey Hi Grace,

      How have u been? Have u migrated? Yes, I was at the Bersih 2.0 rally…still in the good fight. Please write me.
      Take care and good luck.

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