An open letter to all Malaysians – From Malaysiakini

  • Colourblindness
  • 3:59PM Sep 4, 2012

Dear Malaysians of all colours and creeds,

My heart broke when I read An Open Letter to My Malay Friends (Aug 31) and An Open Letter to My Non-Malay Friends (Sept 3), in Malaysiakini.

It epitomised the economic, social, spiritual and moral dungeons of our hearts. I want to urge all Malaysians regardless of colour and creed to love one another deeply and unconditonally.

We need to dig deep into our hearts and throw out the bitterness, hatred, gossip, slander, grumbling and anger which we hold onto so greatly for generations.

This has truly impeded our progress as we manipulate one another and politicise religion and race to suit our personal agendas of greed and self-aggrandisation.

I am a Malaysian Peranakan and I have lived, worked and loved in this country. When I was a child, I had a dream that Malaysians would love one another, live in unity, peace and comfortably.

I wasn’t even thinking of prosperity. The culture of distrust and covetousness that we have cultivated in our country will be the death of us.

Let me illustrate this point. I worked in a large corporation and I was happy to be there. My modern, equal-opportunity believing Malay boss at the annual review asked me, “What are you doing here?”

I replied, “I am happy!”

She asked me again, “What are you doing here? You know you will never be promoted because of your colour.”

I replied, “That’s all right.” She looked at me disbelievingly.

I held the view that if we are to develop our country, our people, our inner person we need to lay down our lives for each other and make the necessary sacrifices.

She could not believe that I loved my country, loved the Malays, loved the Indians, loved the Orang Asli, loved the Orang Asal, loved the people, regardless of colour and creed.

My Chinese friends asked me, “What are you doing there? You know there’s no future, right? How can you work there?”

I replied, “I love what I do and I believe that we need to help each other to grow, we need to let go of our insecurities and pride. The need or striving to get on with life at the expense of others.”

My Indian friends said, “That’s really a dead-end job you know. Why are you still there? it serves no purpose. You will always be No 2.”

I replied, “What’s wrong? I can be No 2 all my life. I can be true to myself and make the changes for the country. I am secure in my identity that I didn’t lie or manipulate to get there.”

We have really wronged and wounded each other in Malaysia with our prejudices. This Merdeka, I grieved and wept as we I realised we don’t want Independence, we only want to live in a co-dependent relationship to suit our personal ambitions, interests and greed.

We need healing as a nation. It is my prayer that we will learn to humble ourselves and love each other deeply – “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”.

My dearest Malaysians at home and abroad, let us love one another unreservedly, share with each other, carry each other’s burdens and then we will truly be a great nation.


One Response to An open letter to all Malaysians – From Malaysiakini

  1. ramdan rosli says:

    i’m too . i’m malay and work under a big corporation which lead & own by chinese . after 18 years working hard with a degree from IPTA , but still i’m at the old stage . all these was due to the coloured favouritism in the office and department .but i love with what i’m doing .even i’m taking a bigger responsibility but still the promotion is not exist to chinese boss said , u need to be 300% better than yr chinese collict if u want to be promoted .what should i say …just work maa..

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