Just admit it, MACC at fault in Teoh’s case

Teoh Beng Hock was under the custody of MACC when he was murdered, period. MACC is fully responsible for TBH’s custodial death. There were only a few MACC officers who interviewed TBH that whole night and TBH wasn’t even a suspect. Is it that difficult to nab the murderers of TBH??


YOURSAY ‘Don’t just collect gaji buta by asking the police and AG to act.’

Minister: Up to AG, police to act on Teoh case

Haveagreatday: Minister of the Prime Minister Department Paul Low, be man enough to own up for a government that’s too cowardly to do so: by this Court of Appeal ruling, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is liable for former DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock’s death, period.

Onyourtoes: Don’t just collect gaji buta, Paul Low. Don’t just ask the police and attorney-general (AG) to act. You should table the course of action in the next cabinet meeting and ask the cabinet to direct the AG and the police to act within a specific time-frame.

Teoh Beng Hock and his family have waited long enough for justice. You are just making people go round in circles – the inquiry, the royal commission, the police, the AG, the lower court, the higher court, and now you are asking the AG and police to decide again.

Hope234: After five painful years of sorrow and anguish, we the rakyat want to see speedy action to close the case. The AG and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) always act swiftly against opposition leaders and supporters. Let us wait ‘patiently’.

CiViC: AG’s Chambers and PDRM? Yes, we can ‘totally’ rely on them and believe and trust them 100 percent to react at the speed and efficiency the way opposition leaders are charged with sedition and the Penang Voluntary Patrol Unit (PPS) arrested in bulk.

Where are we? Dreamland?

Axolotl: “The case is now being evaluated by the two authorities,” said Low.

Leaving it to AG Abdul Gani Patail and inspector-general (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar to ensure justice prevails is akin to entrusting a newborn lamb to the care of two ravenous wolves.

Onyourtoes: Now you said it is up to the AG and the police. Before this, did you not say the internal probe of the MACC had cleared all its officers in Teoh Beng Hock’s death?

Real Truth: Paul Low, you should bring to book the AG and IGP for failing in their duty and failing to act properly in this case.

Now the court has directed that they do so and it is your duty to make sure that they do catch the culprits who were responsible for such a heinous crime.

Low should also inform his government that criticising the government is not seditious as we all want a government that is corruption free and transparent.

Fair&Just: What a pathetic country is this? Do we need a minister for such things as integrity, good governance and human rights?

It goes to show the nation is having problems with such attributes and is a corrupt, dishonest, dirty and evil country.

Mohican: We don’t need a minister for integrity, good governance and human rights. We need a cabinet of ministers of integrity, good governance and human rights.

Beng Hock’s sister gives PM three-day ultimatum

StopMonkeying: The suicide theory is ridiculously unbelievable. Only idiotic morons would be made to believe that. Amidst all the injustice and oppression, we are getting a glimmer of hope in Bolehland with the Court of Appeal’s decision today.

Hopefully more judges will get the cue and act fairly without fear or favour in accordance with the oath they have pledged.

Fair&Just: The verdict today is a most logical and common sense conclusion. Teoh was called in as witness, with a wife and an unborn child waiting for him at home. There is no reason at all to commit suicide for he is not even the offender, but only a witness.

Mosquitobrain: A young man has lost his life under MACC custody. PM Najib Razak has promised Teoh’s family to leave no stone unturned.

Now the Court of Appeal has overturned the lower court’s suicide verdict, we really hope Najib will honour his promise. Do not do the ‘The Empty Promise’ dance.

Shibboleth: Ms Teoh Lee Lan, you gave the PM a three-day notice? The ‘NGO’ bully boys will say that you are “arrogant” and they will show their buttocks to you.

Anonymous #33722082: TBH family is being rude, vulgar and unrealistic to give an ultimatum to the PM and the government.

They should be thankful that the court found in favour of homicide. Intentionally killing TBH is unlikely. It is more likely to be involuntary homicide for which somebody is nevertheless liable.

It would take time for the police and the AG (attorney-general) to act on the courts findings. Finding evidence sufficient to convict after such a long time may be difficult. Unless someone within MACC is willing to testify.

Nonbeliever: Will the judges be charged with sedition for concluding that Teoh was ‘murdered’?



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